We are a health centric nutrition brand that brings revolutionary practice hydroponic farming for the first time to Surat. We grow all sorts of exotic vegetables without harmful pesticides at affordable rates making organic produce available to all.

Modern day farming practice focus only on commercial gains and have continuously been adopting unethical & chemical laden methods that make produce more harmful for health to consume. We on the other hand produce only on demand, making growing food easier to sustain, chemical free and fresh produce always available to every consumer.

To become market leaders in Organic farming and keep inventing and implementing fruitful farming techniques to bring best exotic variety to all our consumers across the nation.

To establish farming method that are more health centric and ethical – making chemical free nutritious produce available to all.

Simply put Hydroponics is a farming technique that skips the soil and submerges the roots of the crops directly in nutrient-rich water. This allows growers to produce food anywhere in the world, at any time of the year, in limited spaces and to net higher yields with fewer resources.

With climate change and vastly unstable seasons becoming the norm, most produce reach you after days of harvesting them afar, making them loose their nutritional value along the way.

Using hydroponics, we can create hyper-local food systems set up right in the communities and regions that we serve. Since their roots are always in nutrient rich water, the spend less time n energy looking for nutrients or growing roots and actually use all the readily available nutrients to grow upwards, making every harvest larger and more nutrient rich that any soil produced crop. Hydro plants mature up to 25% more quickly too.

Hydroponic systems use less water as closed environments avoid evaporation and used water can be reused after filtration, nutrition addition and fed back to the NFT systems. Pesticides aren’t needed as all crops grow indoors.

With all these advantages, we decided to come to Surat with our special offering of subscriptions to make always fresh produce available to you at your door step.